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Yangquan Coal Industry Group International Trade Co.,Ltd.

About us

Yangquan Coal Group International Trade Co., Ltd. is Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the registered capital of 300 million yuan. Relying on abundant coal resources Yangquan and strong economic strength, engaged in coal import and export trade, barter, buy coal, shipping and site operations, to carry out steel, iron ore, coking coal, wood, chemical products, infrastructure materials, electrical and mechanical equipment and other bulk materials, equipment import and export business.


Welcome to Yangquan Coal Group International Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as International Trade Company), thank you for your concern and support development of the company, we need your understanding of the growth, care and help! International Trade Company was established since 2008 has the correct leadership of Coal in the sun and the community's strong support of International Trade's staff work hard, strive for progress, deepening reform, performance of the company steadily. In the group policy under the guidance of company performance is climbing, the rapid development of enterprises. In 2009, the Company completed the value of 7 billion yuan; 2010, the Company completed the output value 12.4 billion yuan; 2011, the company plans to complete the output value 20 billion yuan. With the sun Coal "strong coal strengthen, five two-billion" target forward strongly as a group of foreign exchange windows, International Trade Company is bound to play their own advantages, adhering to the "unlimited expansion of business opportunities, forging ahead to create eternal" spirit of enterprise, win customers with credit, cast by the development of the future, the strong quality of the image outside, make efforts to build a group satisfaction, customer service assured first-class team!



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Yangquan Coal Industry Group International Trade Co.,Ltd.
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